Life-Affirming Pregnancy Services

Life-Affirming Pregnancy Services

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Women's Choice Network

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“When he saw the baby on the ultrasound, that was it,” Karla told us, “We’re not going to get an abortion.” 

Women’s Choice Network seeks to empower those most vulnerable to abortion to choose life. But did you know that when a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy, the father of the baby is the most influential voice in her decision?

More than her best friend, her parents or even a trusted doctor, women consider the father of the baby to be the most important voice in a pregnancy decision. But sadly, our culture has built a divide between couples telling men it's a "woman's choice." He's relegated to the sidelines and asked to sit down, shut up, and pay. His voice has been silenced or marginalized during the decision making process and beyond.

At the close of 2019, we launched a men's program to address this very divide. Our mission was to meaningfully engage dads from the moment of decision...

We Are Still Winning

The recent New York decision to allow abortion up to the date of delivery sends a chilling message to all Christians valuing life. The dark forces seeking to destroy life in the womb are more aggressive, more bold, and more "unmasked" than ever before.

But in the face of this opposition, we are winning this fight! Thanks to your faithful partnership, more and more women in Allegheny County have continued to visit our centers. Our medical services and Christ centered approach lead over 80% of abortion vulnerable couples to choose life. With multiple locations in Pittsburgh, we are rescuing one child from abortion every single day. That's right, over 370 little ones saved in 2018. While we are reaching people one at a time in our centers and in our schools, the larger battle is being won.

Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency

We’re committed to the highest level of transparency! WCN earned a 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency--the highest level. We've shared our outcomes showcasing the progress and results we’re making toward our mission! Check out our updated GuideStar profile today

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Baby's First Christmas Toy Drive starts now. Share the Joy of Jesus' birth with our WCN client families. Bring toys for infants and toddlers to any Walnut Grill location.