Life-Affirming Pregnancy Services

Life-Affirming Pregnancy Services
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What is The Network of Life?

Over one year ago, on Friday, June 24, while we were celebrating the famous Dobbs decision and the fall of Roe v Wade, our mayor declared to the world that Pittsburgh would become a sanctuary city for abortion. He was emphatic, stating that Pittsburgh would be a refuge for abortion seekers. “Pittsburgh is for you,” Mayor Gainey said, “If you want to get an abortion, come to the city of Pittsburgh.”

But we have a different dream. What if our city and its surrounding neighborhoods became known for something quite different? What if this were a sanctuary city for the unborn? What if this were a place where we declared, “Come to Pittsburgh where you are safe! Come to a place where we will care for you and for your baby!”?

We are excited to take on the challenge of becoming a Network of Life to build a city known for life. It will take all of us, with one vision, to make this happen.

Three Things to Know:

1. You'll start to see the new Network of Life name and logo on our partner website and in our printed materials. We're continuing with the same mission but with a new name that includes all of the resources and programs that build a culture of life.

2. You’ll also see Women's Choice Network centers. This will remain the name of our three medical clinics and the services those centers provide. These centers are the centerpiece of our work. We have a website dedicated to reaching those most vulnerable to abortion and it is still called

3. We will look for your engagement in Prayer, Programs, and Promise. Your active giving and volunteerism supports the same mission but with a new name that is more welcoming and descriptive of our vision to see our city become a sanctuary city for the unborn!

  • Prayer. To pray with us, join our Road Crew and be undated with a specific prayer intention once each week.
  • Programs: Your gifts are needed as we add vital healthcare programs and new ways to bring transformation and healing to our client families.
  • Promise: Your sustaining monthly giving allows us to keep our promise to care for women throughout their pregnancy, postpartum care, and Life Support services over the first years of life.
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Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency

We’re committed to the highest level of transparency! WCN earned a 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency--the highest level. We've shared our outcomes showcasing the progress and results we’re making toward our mission! Check out our updated GuideStar profile today

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The Nest

Did you know that one in three women choosing abortion has older children at home? We are committed to care for the entire family so that families can grow and thrive. The Nest is a children's resale store that welcomes all Pittsburgh families to shop for new and nearly new clothing. Visit today.

When Beverly arrived at our door, she seemed torn in two. All of the reasons she chose abortion were still there—three young children, a poor relationship with the father, financial difficulties, and more. But her remorse and regret were equally strong. She wanted to save her baby. Our ultrasound revealed her tiny baby who has been scheduled for death, staggering toward slaughter. But the progesterone we had prescribed the night before had taken effect. Her baby’s heartbeat was strong, and everything looked normal. Praise God. APR hit the center of the target—rescuing the most vulnerable to abortion.

While we were celebrating this amazing little one, it was clear that Beverly’s immediate needs must also be addressed. The Center staff enrolled Beverly in our Life Support program. And since this was her fourth child, she seemed most interested...

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