Life-Affirming Pregnancy Services

Life-Affirming Pregnancy Services

Our numbers have been increasing at an incredible rate. We are seeing 45% more clients than last year at this time. We need you now more than ever. Click here, and please consider a generous gift or monthly pledge so more moms will say “yes” to the little lives they carry!


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Fall Fundraising Banquet - Thursday, October 17

Don't Miss Jonathan Evans, son of Pastor Tony Evans.

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This Year’s Banquet Video: Four Stories
Click here to watch the feature video from this year’s Fall Fundraising Banquet!

Fall Fundraising Banquet October 17

We welcome you to join us at our Fall Fundraising Banquet where we will present our mission, vision, and strategy to reach the men and women in our city who are making decisions about an unplanned pregnancy. You’ll learn more about how our life affirming medical services save lives and transform families. 

Because of you, we see one little life rescued from abortion every single day of the year. Our annual Banquet celebrates these precious children and the moms and dads who chose life. Join us to hear more about the “Father Factor” and the vital role dads play in building strong families and healthy kids.

          Fall Fundraising Banquet with Special Guest Jonathan Evans

          Thursday, October 17, 2019  6:30PM to 9:00PM

          Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom, David Lawrence Convention Center

We hope to see you there. There is no ticket price and you must RSVP to attend. An opportunity to support our mission will be extended.

Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency

We’re committed to the highest level of transparency! WCN earned a 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency--the highest level. We've shared our outcomes showcasing the progress and results we’re making toward our mission! Check out our updated GuideStar profile today

We Are Still Winning

The recent New York decision to allow abortion up to the date of delivery sends a chilling message to all Christians valuing life. The dark forces seeking to destroy life in the womb are more aggressive, more bold, and more "unmasked" than ever before.

But in the face of this opposition, we are winning this fight! Thanks to your faithful partnership, more and more women in Allegheny County have continued to visit our centers. Our medical services and Christ centered approach lead over 80% of abortion vulnerable couples to choose life. With multiple locations in Pittsburgh, we are rescuing one child from abortion every single day. That's right, over 370 little ones saved in 2018. While we are reaching people one at a time in our centers and in our schools, the larger battle is being won.

To give you perspective, let met share what the statistics tell us about our impact over the last 10 years.

  • The national abortion rate is at it's lowest since Roe v Wade in 1973.
  • Since 2008, the abortion rate among PA residents has dropped 17%. But in Allegheny County it has dropped by 24%.
  • The number of women in Allegheny County under 20 choosing abortion fell 32% and the number of first time abortions dropped 25% which tells us that our messages to teens in schools is having a dramatic impact on our County.
  • The best news is that while abortion rates are dropping across our State, Allegheny County is the only county in which the BIRTH rate is going up. This clearly shows that our local Pregnancy Centers (not birth control, or early abortion) are making a difference.

But these services are costly. And right now we need your help more than ever.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 17, 2019 – Fall Fundraising Banquet with Jonathan Evans at the David Lawrence Convention Center
Thursday, November 7, 2019 – WCN 101: Network of Life Open House, Monroeville Center 6:30 to 8:30PM

Jamal and his wife, Carol visited our North Side Center last week. After nine years of marriage, they seemed like a happy couple ready to start a family. But when the pregnancy test result was positive, Carol surprising said that she had no interest in having a child and would simply go to an abortion clinic to “get it done.” Jamal just shrugged. The Nurse suggested that they stay and have an ultrasound. “Let’s take a look at what you are making a decision about. It’s free and will give you valuable information as you make your next steps.” 

We often talk about our ultrasound rooms as “Holy Ground.” There is something supernatural that happens when the image of the baby appears on the screen. In a very real sense, we pull back the curtain allowing couples to see that there is another person in the room—a person too small to have a voice but loudly speaking of God’s design, His image, and His plan. The result is transforming. “That’s my baby?” Carol asked, “He’s so cute!” Jamal’s face lit up with a huge smile...