Prayer Partners



Every day 22 babies are aborted in Allegheny County and 22 mothers walk away with a pain they will carry throughout their lives.
The sonogram machine is the most expensive resource in our Centers but it is not the most powerful. Only the Holy Spirit can change hearts and minds.
Your prayers will make a difference. That’s why we’ve formed Pittsburgh 22; an elite group of “special forces” prayer warriors who will agree to pray for these families daily. We will add your name and email address to our small but mighty list of warriors if you choose to “accept the mission”!


We work hard to protect the identity of our clients and staff when sharing needs. Some requests may contain information that helps to guide you in prayer. All information we share with you must be held in strictest confidence.


We are asking the Pittsburgh 22 team to commit to daily prayer for us for two full months (or longer if they recommit).


We will provide a one-time broad list of daily intentions but encourage prayer partners to stay in touch via our website, facebook page and email. There are client reports and needs that are posted on facebook for all to view. Upcoming events and news will be posted on our website. An email marked “urgent” will be sent to you for immediate needs. pregnancy center and

If you are willing to enlist in this vital team, simply agree to the commitment below and email us. You must provide an email address and your full name. Thanks again for your prayers for WCN.

I believe that God hears and answers our prayers. I am willing to make a two month commitment to the Pittsburgh 22 Prayer Team beginning today. I agree to keep the three commitments listed below. I understand that emails will occasionally be sent to this email address.

1. Confidentiality. I will protect the identity of clients and staff at all times keeping needs and information in strictest confidence.
2. Commitment. I will commit to pray daily for WCN staff, board, volunteers and clients for two full months beginning today.
3. Connection. I will do my part to stay in touch with the ministry via website, Facebook and email. When an email comes to my inbox, I will make every effort to pray for the need as quickly as is possible.