Anessa, Gretchen, and Nicole’s Stories — December 2018

“Baby’s First Christmas” was engraved on the little silver ornament that a staff member gave to Sophia, one of our clients. Right next to the ornament was a hand-made manger scene and a booklet telling the story of Christ’s birth. Like Sophia, many of our clients are learning about the profound meaning of the very first Christmas for the first time. It is a huge privilege to share not only the birth of their child but also to share the birth of Jesus–the gift that can give eternal life–with hundreds of families.

Thanks to your generous support, over 300 babies will be celebrating their first Christmas this year. Let me briefly share three of those stories.

Anessa is a 19 year old who came to us along with the father of her baby. The couple completed our Life Support program and were planning to get married. About half way through the pregnancy the father of the baby decided to separate himself from the Anessa’s life. She has support from her Mom and sister but will be facing the future as a single mom. Her baby boy was born in November.

Gretchen is a single mom who had a baby girl in October. She faced very difficult circumstances and has very little support from the baby’s father. She faithfully makes ends meet on her salary alone. We are working alongside Gretchen in the Life Support program to build a network of support and encouragement.

Nicole is a brave single mom who literally walked one and a half hours to be seen at our center. After seeing her ultrasound, she chose life and had a baby girl in late July. Through our Life Support programs, Nicole is finding help with transportation and other needs.

Each of these babies enters a world that will have many challenges. A baby changes everything. As their moms and dads take steps that affirm and value life, they begin a transformation. They see our faith in action and their eyes are opened to the faithfulness of God and His provision. This Christmas we are so grateful for God’s gift to us and for your partnership with our mission.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director