September 2018 Letter

Can a cupcake save a life?

“What are those people doing out there?” Elaine asked, “Don’t they know how awesome you guys are?” Elaine, a transfer student from California, was a new client visiting our center for STD testing. Elaine had just been given a choice: a cupcake or an angry lecture about choice.

Over 41,000 students return to the Oakland Campus communities early each Fall to live and learn at the two largest universities in Pittsburgh. The “Arrival Survival” week is the perfect opportunity to welcome students and advertise services offered at Women’s Choice Network. Our team goes to work to recruit volunteers who bake and distribute over 1,000 cupcakes to students along with all kinds of swag that new students love. The Great Cupcake Give-Away lasts one full week in August and targets the incoming freshman classes. Cupcakes are literally swallowed up by swarms of eager students. Appointments for STD and pregnancy testing quickly follow. Young women and men find answers and little ones are rescued from death.

But this year’s Cupcake Give-Away faced a small distraction. A local group of protesters chose the same week to “canvas” students in front of Women’s Choice Network’s campus location. The activists, who have visited our centers on other occasions, are armed with printed flyers and homemade signs that make false claims to malign our work. This small but determined group of demonstrators represents a larger national movement that is sadly misinformed about the issues and the services provided at Women’s Choice Network.
So what happens when an incoming freshman is faced with a choice between a homemade cupcake and an angry political activist? Most, like Elaine, choose the cupcake. And inside our walls, they find the services they need, caring medical professionals, and a “home away from home” acceptance.

We know that God’s timing is always perfect. Our distracters may have sought to disrupt and dissuade. But instead their message was “swallowed up” by the truth. Cupcakes won the day!

Thank you for your gift—it really does make the difference for young women like Elaine. And please pray for the local group of activists here. They really do need our prayers!

Bringing Pittsburgh to Life!
Amy Scheuring