Shelby’s Story — August 2018

The phone call came from Shelby’s mom, Donna, and both mother and daughter came in for the appointment. Only 13 years old, Shelby was concerned about pregnancy and STD infection. Donna was patient, respectful, and visibly relieved when the nurse announced that all the tests that day were negative. Shelby broke down in tears.

Shelby was able to open up about her relationships and sexual decisions with our staff nurses. Supported by her mom, Shelby then began to attend our “Healthy Relationships” Life Support Classes. This life transforming experience starts with basic questions, Who Am I? What Is My Purpose? The second session explores key relationships like family and friends. The purpose and plan for dating, engagement and marriage are outlined in the next three sessions. Each meeting includes a short devotional and a prayer. For Shelby, the sessions were a defining time that will impact her decisions in the vital years ahead.

We are seeing a growing number of clients under 15 years of age. The only comfort in this disturbing trend is that we are reaching these vulnerable young people and able to serve them in a safe, Christ centered setting. Our increasingly effective internet advertising and our solid “word of mouth” reputation help to assure that more and more students will reach our doors for testing. And after the initial crisis has passes, our staff invites these precious young people to begin a journey toward healing and transformation.

Your financial investment in this growing outreach is the key to preventing unplanned pregnancies with programs like Life Support. You’ve also been a part of over 6,000 decisions for life over our 33 year history here in Pittsburgh. Thank you so much from Shelby and Donna and hundreds of families facing similar challenges. You make the vital difference!

Bringing Pittsburgh to Life!

Amy Scheuring
Executive Director