Suzanne’s Story — January 2018

Suzanne is 19 years old, going to nursing school, and is working full time. Finding us online, she visited our North Side Center for a pregnancy test and sonogram. After working hard to support herself and finally move out of her parents’ house, Suzanne was overwhelmed by the news of a pregnancy. She could not imagine how she could support a child. Abortion was on her mind but she was open to more information.

During her ultrasound, we asked if there was anything that could change her mind about the baby. She said “maybe all of this” referring to the ultrasound and information shared during our discussion of her options. But she left the appointment still undecided and said she wanted to talk it over with her boyfriend, who was leaning toward abortion. We offered a second appointment for an ultrasound and invited her boyfriend to attend. When they came back together for the repeat scan, the baby’s father was amazed by the scan. He kept pointing to the screen asking what he was seeing and said “That’s really my baby??” After seeing the second scan, they plan to become parents together and have enrolled in our Life Support programs.

Thank you for your “love in action.” Children are being saved from abortion and young couples are making healthier
decisions. Clients like Suzanne see our Charity toward them—our unconditional love in action—and our faith in
Christ. The impact is life changing! As you look over some of the 2017 highlights, be encouraged, God is at work!

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