Maegan’s Story – October 2017

What makes a popular Pitt student share her STD testing story? At our recent Banquet, Maegan
courageously stood in front of 470 people to “give back” to Women’s Choice Network. Maegan was
faithfully attending church and involved in student fellowship groups but like many college students, she
became caught up in a life style of hook ups and casual sex. She was living a double life and her poor
choices led to questions about pregnancy and disease. Eventually her foundation of faith led her to a
turning point and she began to seek a new direction. She learned of our STD testing and treatment
program from a friend and made an appointment at our Oakland Center.

After receiving STD test results, she enrolled in our Life Support classes starting with Track Three on
Healthy Relationships. After the first session, she remarked that she had never been asked these “soul
searching” questions before. As she moved through each session, her view of the dating culture began
to change. She was seeing her relationships through a new lens as her sexual values began to match up
with her faith. Marriage and commitment began to take on new meaning. Her renewed understanding
of Christ’s love and forgiveness replaced Maegan’s sense of unworthiness with a great sense of value,
dignity and purpose. This vital journey has transformed this young woman’s life. She is aflame with a
passion to share the good news with others and jumped at the chance to share at our Banquet.

We are reaching those who are vulnerable to the lies of the culture. Our STD testing program continues
to draw those who are at high risk. The education and Track Three sessions are life transforming.

Your gifts enable us to continue to offer services like these at no cost. Thank you for making these
stories happen!

For Life!