Tayona’s Story — September 2017

Our Life Support Program transforms lives. You’ll agree as you read this client story from Kendall, our North Side Center Director.
One recent client, Tayona, came to WCN for a pregnancy test and STD test, and received positive PT results. While the news was unexpected, she stated from her very first appointment that she intended to follow through with her pregnancy. Tayona immediately enrolled in the prenatal track (Track 1) of our Life Support Program. She has been one of our most faithful clients in the North Side attending almost every class and completing her homework. She was especially engaged in the devotional sections of the program where we encourage spiritual growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. After completing Track 1, she began Track 2 which helps moms prepare for parenting. I’m sharing Tayona’s story because she is an example of a client who certainly has faced challenges during her pregnancy (finances, relationships, faith) but has persevered. Tayona admitted that one of her biggest fears throughout her pregnancy has been that she will not be a good mother because, she said, “I did not have an example of a good mother in my home.”
On July 25th, her baby, Ariyah, was born; 8lbs, 3oz. And a week later Tayona brought Ariyah into the North Side Center. She said she wanted to come in as soon as possible to thank us for the support that we offered her throughout the ups and downs of her pregnancy. And she said we are the first people to meet Ariyah besides her mom and boyfriend. Tayona is a Christian and has shown notable growth over the last 9 months that we have known her. It is such a privilege to walk alongside our clients during these crucial months and years. Please keep Tayona in your prayers.
Thank you for your recent gift to us. We continue to see record breaking numbers of clients in our centers. Your donations have helped us serve over 750 new clients this year. Hundreds enroll in our ongoing classes like Life Support.
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Thank you so much,
Amy Scheuring