Janai’s Story — July 2017

Janai’s first visit to our Oakland center was for both pregnancy and STD testing. When the nurse informed her that her pregnancy test was positive, she stated, “I really didn’t want to have a baby with him. I really feel the best thing is to just have an abortion.” Janai went on to tell us that her ex-boyfriend had gone to jail 3 days earlier and was pressuring her to have an abortion. We talked about her options regarding her pregnancy. When we discuss options, we talk honestly about what to expect before, during, and after an abortion procedure, the different styles of parenting, and types of adoption plans. After we had discussed each option, Janai was uncertain about what she would do and was beginning to have doubts about abortion. We recommended that she have an ultrasound so she could know exactly what was going on with her pregnancy. Janai made an appointment and came back to have an ultrasound.

After seeing the ultrasound images, she told us that before the ultrasound she was pretty sure she was going forward with the pregnancy, but after seeing the ultrasound images, she knew for certain that she was going to have this baby. Janai enrolled in our Life Support program and we have had the privilege of walking alongside and supporting her through her pregnancy, providing her with prenatal information and preparation. But an even greater privilege has been our conversations about her relationship with God. She has expressed a desire for that relationship to be better, and we have been a part of that happening with her. She graduated from our Life Support prenatal track last week. In her final Track One Life Support class, she brought up her first appointment at WCN—that time in her life when she was seriously considering an abortion. With tears in her eyes, she said “I’m so glad I didn’t.” Janai’s baby is due next month, and we are looking forward to meeting this little one whose life was saved!

Thank you for supporting our work. The ultrasound services we offer along with our Life Support program literally saves little lives and transforms families. Together we are making life happen!


Amy Scheuring

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