Justine’s Story — May 2017

Amazing Outcomes!
Within the first months of 2017, we have served an incredible number of clients and families. We are seeing an amazing 45% increase in all key outcomes over last year. This means 45% more visits, pregnancy tests, sonograms, and STD tests. Over 80% of our clients are assessed as “abortion minded” or “abortion vulnerable”. This means we are stretched to our limits but we are reaching our mission. By May 13, there were 671 visits to our Centers, 416 new clients, and 116 lives were saved from abortion (documented so far). We attribute much of this growth to our advertising partner, Vision For Life. Together we seek out the most effective ways to reach those most vulnerable to abortion. And the statistics reveal that those strategies have been successful! Please pray for our team to be able to effectively care for all those God sends to our doors.
Behind the numbers are real client stories. Each is unique, each is important. And it is a privilege for us to care for women and men who are vulnerable, scared, and alone. Meet one of those clients, “Justine.”
Justine has experienced a number of unhealthy relationships with men. She came to us for testing which confirmed her worst fear: she was pregnant. At the outset, she was what we identify as “abortion minded” because she saw no other option than abortion. Her current boyfriend was also pressuring her to “get rid of it.” She was only 19 and insisted that she did not feel prepared to become a parent. But Justine had seen the worst of abortion. She had accompanied friends during abortion procedures and told us how traumatizing it seemed. She also told us of a friend who had an unsuccessful medical abortion. Justine agreed to return a few days later for a sonogram. After much soul searching and seeing the image on the screen, she made her decision, “I’ve decided to keep it.” Justine needs your prayers as she begins a transformation. She is seeing that there truly is a better way to live your life. Her old habits must be broken and she will need help and healing. Justine is enrolled in the Life Support program where she will learn more about parenting and adoption. We continue to work hard to connect her with the support she needs.
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