Behind the Video – October 2016

Cam and Hope have been married just 6 short weeks. But their story of love and life began almost two years ago and has unfolded inside the walls of our North Side Center. When Hope first visited our Center, the positive pregnancy test was not welcome news. Even her ultrasound brought a mixture of emotions. She agreed to talk with her boyfriend Cam, a student at Slippery Rock University, and ultimately this young couple chose life for their baby. Hope’s broken and dysfunctional family offered no support but Cam was a member of a local church. When we began to partner with this church, we saw God’s hand move in amazing ways. Both Hope and Cam signed our sexual purity pledge, 6:19.

During the pregnancy they earned needed items through our Baby Steps program while the church was meeting practical needs for housing, transportation, and spiritual growth. By the time baby Cady was born, Hope and Cam were regularly attending church. Ultimately they made a plan for marriage and their entire wedding service and reception was planned and implemented by their small group at church. Life decisions need life support. The partnership of our medical services along with the intentional discipleship inside the local church made the difference for Hope, Cam, and Cady.

Is God calling you to be a Life Disciple? Contact us about how to become trained to walk alongside a young couple like Hope and Cam.

Watch their video here.