True Stories — April 2016

We were just locking the door at our Wexford location when two young women stepped out of a sedan. They were sorority sisters from a nearby campus. One needed a pregnancy test. One was her supportive friend. Because our nurse had left for the day, we directed the two freshmen to our Monroeville location where they were able to receive both a pregnancy test and STD testing. When the test results were negative, you never saw such grateful teenagers. With time to talk to our Nurses, and time to reflect on recent choices, these two young women were led to a decision point about their sexual future. Both had visited birth control clinics but neither one had ever been challenged to rethink their relationship expectations and desires.

As a city-wide network, we are almost always available to meet needs at our various locations. And far beyond medical testing, our teams serve our clients by listening, caring, and sharing the truth about God’s plan for sexuality. For women and men in our city, these are life transforming visits.
Keeping four clinics open and staffed is not always easy. Thank you for your recent gift. Faithful giving assures that our doors are open and our nurses are equipped for the challenges each day brings. We are grateful that you are part of the Network that saves babies and transforms lives.


Amy Scheuring

Executive Director