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Brynne's Story - June 2016

Your influence in the lives of young families is measureless. Be encouraged by this story from our Monroeville office:

Brynne was a single mom and only 20 years old when she and her boyfriend Joby visited our Monroeville Mall center back in November. The pregnancy test was positive and Brynne was determined to get an abortion. Facing an unplanned pregnancy was not new to this young couple. Four years earlier they had a baby girl when Brynne was only 16 years old. Joby also had a son from a previous relationship.

Our Nurse, Jodi, provided an ultrasound along with STD testing. When Brynne saw the ultrasound, she remained very “abortion-minded” stating that this wasn’t the time for another baby. She and Joby were just getting their lives together and now that their daughter was school age, Brynne could finally go to college.

A week later, Brynne returned for the ultrasound follow up report. She was a bit more open and wanted to talk again about her options. Jodi, along with volunteer Robbie, asked her to consider adoption, parenting, and marriage as viable options to abortion. Seeds were planted and we knew that we must rely on prayer and ongoing communication.

Surprisingly, Brynne decided to move to South Carolina and live with her Aunt. We tried multiple times to get in touch with her but never could. After months of prayer, Brynne connected with us last week. She has returned to the area and is due to deliver a little girl this month. She and Joby stopped by last week to enroll in our Baby Steps mentoring program to prepare for the season ahead and earn items for the baby. They both were so grateful to us for being there at their critical moments of decision and so thankful that they chose life.

In the same way, we thank you for your ongoing support, prayers, and commitment. Because of you, we can be there for many more like Brynne and Joby. You are a blessing!

Making Life Happen, Amy Scheuring

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