Making Life Happen

February 2016

Can a Baby Bottle save a life? When a Church invites the Baby Bottle Campaign into their church, amazing things can happen.

A local Pastor recently contacted our staff requesting help for a young woman, “Samantha,” in his congregation who was pregnant and in crisis. Her parents were not immediately supportive of her carrying this baby and Samantha needed support and practical help as she made a decision about the future of her pregnancy. Because of the Baby Bottle Campaign, the Pastor knew where to turn and was confident that his congregation would respond to the need.

Together, we made arrangements for a pregnancy test and ultrasound at our WCN North Side clinic. Samantha’s follow-up appointments were scheduled closer to home at our Wexford clinic where she faithfully returned once a week for preparation to parent her baby. The Church members came alongside Samantha and helped her find a place to live with a mature couple in the congregation. The Church continued to wrap around this expectant mom with emotional support, ongoing housing, a baby shower and even provided rides to Wexford for her “Baby Steps” appointments each week. Her precious baby girl was born this fall, and now Samantha and her boyfriend are engaged to be married!

You are the “network” in Women’s Choice Network! While we can provide medical services, professional care, and expert counsel, only you can provide the financial resources to keep our Centers open and vital. And only the local Church can provide the ongoing support and discipleship that transforms lives.

Thank you so much for your faithful giving.

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