Making Life Happen

May 2016

Fourteen weeks. The ultrasound image of the baby was crystal clear. Shelby looked at her beautiful active baby on the screen and knew that her life would never be the same.

It was almost one year ago when Shelby, a young teen, visited our Oakland Center. She had stated that she was determined to get an abortion. Like many young people in her neighborhood, Shelby had grown up too quickly after the death of her mother and sister. Living with younger siblings, she understood that a pregnancy would likely keep her in a cycle of poverty. But then she saw the ultrasound.

Our work doesn’t end when a young mom rejects abortion. The decision for life is only the beginning of a long journey. Shelby needed a mentor who could provide direction, education and encouragement. A volunteer made time each week through our Baby Steps program to come along side Shelby to help her stay in school, find future daycare options, and prepare for childbirth. Throughout that year, Shelby made courageous decisions about her relationships, her purpose, and her relationship with God.

Last week, Shelby stopped by to announce that she will be graduating from High School in June. She let our staff members hold her beautiful baby girl, Aubrey Suzanne, who is healthy and happy.

I’ve got to share with you that it never gets old. After 30 years of stories like Shelby’s, I still cry tears of joy when clients choose life. I continue to be amazed at God’s power to transform and remake us when we trust in Him. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. Your partnership means more than you know!

Joyfully, Amy Scheuring Executive Director

Amy Scheuring
Executive Director

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