Resources for Every Church

Resources for Every Church

Tools to Build a Culture of Life

    Celebrate Life Toolkit

    The abortion debate has never been more public or more confusing. The daily political decisions and pundit arguments are divisive, emotional, and sometimes completely irrational. How do we respond? How can you care for people yet take a stand on such an explosive topic?

    We've prepared a digital Toolkit for Pastors and Leaders. Find resources that inspire and equip your team to speak with compassion and clarity.

    • Learn why it's more important to build a relationship than to win an argument.
    • Learn how the Imago Dei can unite and energize your small group, teen outreach and your entire parish.
    • Find Four Vital Resources that can inform and inspire.

    This is an opportunity to provide clarity and compassion. Click Here for Part 1 and 2 of your Digital Toolkit.

    Did You Know?

    • 4 out of 10 of women who had an abortion attended Church at least once a month at the time of their abortion
    • Less than 20% felt that they can talk to a Pastor about an unplanned pregnancy
    • Only 14% felt that Churches are a safe place to talk about pregnancy options

    Together we can build a culture of life that makes your Church the first option for an abortion vulnerable couple.

    Women's Choice Network
    courageously prolife

    Best New Resource

    Courageously Pro-Life. How can ordinary people make a difference in a world that seems upside down? Let this one-of-a-kind curriculum provide your church with a comprehensive and detailed review of what it means to be pro-life from a biblical, historical, and cultural framework. The 12 chapter workbook can be tailored for any setting and the interactive lessons are practical for small groups, teens, or as sermon preparation. Order today!

    Walking with Moms in Need

    Are you a "Walking with Moms in Need" parish? Follow the link below for resources.

    For Your Small Groups

    • Courageously Pro-Life Curriculum.
    • Tea and Tour at The Nest. Perfect for small groups or mother daughter events. More info here.
    • Local Mission Project in the North Side Neighborhood. Bring your small group for a project tailored to your group. Email the Nest for more information!

    For Teens

    • REAL Talk Video Series. Subscribe to this WCN original series that empowers teens to live, love and lead with healthy relationships. Take a look here.
    • Courageously Pro-Life Curriculum.
    • Local Mission Project in the North Side Neighborhood. Bring your small group for a project tailored to your group. Email the Nest for more information!

    For Your Healing Ministry

    Breathe: After Abortion Care.

    Women in your congregation are longing for healing from past abortion decisions. Learn how to open up a confidential space for healing, forgiveness, and freedom.

    For Programs and Education

    Book a Speaker.

    Our staff members love to tell the stories of life and transformation. Perfect for women’s groups, retreats, and other adult settings.

    Courageously Pro-Life Curriculum.

    WCN Testimony Videos.

    Worth binge watching.

    Dignity of Human Life Video

    Making Life Disciples for Churches and Training for WCN Volunteers.

    This exceptional video series prepares Churches and is the first step toward becoming a client advocate in our Centers. Learn more and see a sneak peek below.

    Recommended Resources For Pastors


    Saving Truth: Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post Truth World by Abdu Murray


    Love Thy Body by Nancy R. Pearcey