Saving Lives and Transforming Families

Saving Lives and Transforming Families

We have four area centers offering free, confidential medical services.
Client Services: 412-687-7767; Administrative offices: 724-935-0130

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Option Ultrasound

When abortion vulnerable women see their sonogram, 85% choose life.
Each of our Centers is equipped with a sonogram machine and is staffed by a medical team to provide pregnancy and STD testing and medical consultation.

Life Support

Life Support is a two year program that fosters independence and transformation.
Clients are placed in mentoring relationships with a loving client advocate and begin a program to “do things to earn things”.

STD Awareness

Those at risk for abortion are also at risk for STD infection. Our Nurses take time to listen, educate, and inform.

Broken Vessels

Some studies estimate that up to 45% of women over 20 will experience an abortion.
Broken Vessels provides those women with a safe place to find healing and forgiveness. Check out the Broken Vessels Group website for more information.

6:19 Pure

6:19 PURE is a commitment that challenges our clients to choose relationships that honor God and provide for health and freedom.
Clients who sign the pledge join a community of others who desire a pure lifestyle.

Pittsburgh Essential Speakers

The best way to end abortion is to prevent it.
Our newest program addition, Pittsburgh Essential Speakers, builds on our 20+ years of outreach to local high schools and youth groups. Click here to visit the website!