How to Get Involved at the Network of Life

How to Get Involved at the Network of Life

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Our Ultrasound reveals the facts about the unborn. Our STD testing confronts the reality of sexual risk. Our Volunteers and Staff present the truth of the Christian faith. But only prayer can open a heart. Only prayer can transform a life.

In Joshua 20 and Numbers 35, God is intentional to choose six cities as sanctuaries or Cities of Refuge for those escaping death. The cities were spaced throughout the promised land so that they were accessible to all. The roads to those cities were widened, paved, and well-marked. Men were assigned to maintain the roads, clear the pathways, and erect signs.

The Network of Life seeks to build a sanctuary city for the unborn. We are renewing our vital commitment to prayer. This prayer “Road Crew” creates paths to our centers, clears the roads of obstacles, and opens highways for women that will lead them to our doors and point to Christ. Will you join us as we pray each week on The Road Crew?

Every week there will be an opportunity to pray for one specific need or topic as it relates to the clients, the staff, the volunteers, and the programs of Women's Choice Network medical clinics. There will also be requests to pray for the Network of Life as it impacts our community and culture. By the end of a year, we will have prayed for 52 different requests!

We pray that God will provide wisdom to guide us so that His love will open hearts to the truth. I'm praying that you will be a vital and active part of The Road Crew. Thank you for joining us. Your work on The Road Crew has never been more crucial!

Contact us to join the Road Crew!


Tour one of our three medical clinics. Contact us at to schedule a visit soon!



Watch On Purpose: Christina Kaleta as she talks about the gift of volunteering.

Training for Center Volunteers is offered throughout the year.

Download your volunteer application here.

We are a Network. Women's Choice Network connects people, businesses, churches, and organizations towards a life-transforming mission. We build a net woven by relationship and sacrifice to capture the broken, hurting, and those in need to radically transform the communities around us. We are a Network for Life. Get to know us. Partner with us and help reach the 18 local women–each day–who are seeking abortion and need to see the truth.

Volunteer Positions

Baby Bottle Campaign

Help us prepare for our city-wide Baby Bottle Campaign. Email Amy Mee for more information:

The Nest

Volunteer at our North Side resale store for kids! Email Lynne for more information:

Client Advocate

Works directly with clients in our Centers. Minimum time commitment is one 3-4 hour shift per week. Training is provided. Background check is required.

Life Support Mentor

The Baby Steps Mentor is trained to assess needs, create a plan of care, present abstinence to single clients and present parenting education.

Options Advocate

The Option Counselor works directly with women and family members who are considering abortion. This type of crisis intervention is both exciting and challenging. Training is provided. Background check is required.

Volunteer Nurses

The Nurse will work directly with women and families who are considering abortion and/or at risk for STD. Training is provided. Background check is required.

Campaign Volunteers

Campaign Volunteers will help us to connect our annual projects with these groups. Commitment time varies and no training is required. Serves from our Wexford office.

Church Liaison

The Church Liaison will work to connect your church with WCN events and opportunities to serve. Commitment time varies and no training is required.

Outreach Volunteers

The Outreach Volunteer will post flyers to help people find our clinics. Commitment time varies and no training is required.

REAL Essentials Speakers

Speakers are needed for abstinence presentations in schools and youth groups, as well as for baby showers at churches and organizations. Certification process and training is provided. Background check is required.

Cleaning Person

Each office is a medical clinic and is treated as such. The Center Director will provide cleaning instructions. Background check is required.

Campus Coordinator

The Campus Coordinator will recruit and coordinate the campus representatives.

Campus Representatives

The Campus Representative will promote WCN services on an assigned campus to affect life choices.

Post-Abortion Advocates

The Post-Abortion Advocate Volunteer will provide one-on-one support to post-abortive women in our centers as well as small group support. Training is required along with previous completion of a WCN approved PACE (Post Abortion Counseling Education) group. Background check is required.