“Women can’t be successful without Roe.”

“Abortion is a woman’s right contained in the Constitution.” 

“Pro-lifers force women to have children they don’t want.”

“Pregnancy Centers lie to women and deny them lifesaving procedures.”

Since last week’s incredible Supreme Court leak, I’ve heard these four “memes” repeated often on social media and mainstream news. Maybe you’ve heard them too. Anger and panic fuel a narrative of lies, ignorance, and agenda driven politics. The bogus claims continue to devalue women and diminish the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. 

The famous leak made headlines when a draft of the decision on the Dobbs case was reported by Politico. If the language in the leak is unchanged, it indicates that the Court will overturn Roe v Wade, one of the most controversial and divisive decisions in the Court’s history. If and when this happens, we have plenty of reason to celebrate this victory that was 50 years in the making! But for now, let’s take a look at what this decision to reverse Roe will mean for our State, our community, and our clients. 

  • Reversing Roe sadly won’t change anything in Pennsylvania…yet. Since abortion is legal in PA up to 22 weeks (with some abortion controls in place) it will remain available for the short term. Stay tuned for future threats and promising remedies. 
  • The need for our work at Women’s Choice Network will continue to expand. 
  • Our clients will be confused, angry, and even panicked about their options.
  • Those in neighboring states who are vulnerable to abortion may cross state lines to seek our services. 
  • The need for Abortion Pill Reversal will increase. 
  • Early detection of pregnancy with ultrasound will be highly sought after. Long term services will need to be enhanced for those who choose life. 
  • Protests of our work will increase, and the tactics will be more angry and violent.
  • We must remain vigilant and engaged while we advocate for our client families. This means that we need to be informed voters in the next vital election cycles. We’ll need to stay tuned for ways we can make an impact in the public square. 

You have been on the front lines of pregnancy help for those most vulnerable to abortion. You’ve given a voice to the voiceless and stood up for the fatherless. Because of you, our work can continue during this chaotic and emotional season. Thank you! What an amazing time to watch history unfold! We are poised to see the first “Post Roe” generation emerge! Thank you for support now and in the future as we see Roe defeated. 

In grateful partnership, 

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director