At a recent staff meeting, I asked our team to look back at the year’s events. What was one of the year’s biggest blessings? And what was one challenge (yes, just one!)? I was amazed at the way challenges often became victories. Here are some of the staff members’ stories. 

“I saw two sets of twins during ultrasounds last month,” said our sonographer Lexi, “The first mom left with the intention of aborting. It was heartbreaking. And it looked like the second set of twins would be lost as well. But something in the process spoke to the second mom…she broke down in tears and is now planning to carry to term.” 

Alex shared this, “After months of input and encouragement, one of our couples delivered their little boy who had once been scheduled for abortion. The couple had encountered many struggles and this pregnancy turned them around in a number of ways. One week later, this same little boy went into distress. I was the first person they called while on their way to the hospital. I was the first person to hear the news that this little one had passed away. The biggest blessing was being able to go to the funeral and provide hope and healing. This young family needed an anchor and we were able to be there and to point them to a loving God who now holds their little one.” 

“I was able to lead a lost person back to Jesus.” 

“A young man came for an STD test and was able to open up about his past. He is so broken. My heart broke for his pain and deep scars. He allowed me to pray for him and has returned several times for follow up.” 

“One couple was able to move out of a very toxic situation and into their own apartment. Their pregnancy came at a challenging time but the process helped them to grow in respect for one another and to see themselves as a family. Now they are engaged and planning a wedding.”

Thank you for remembering us and for generously supporting the work of Women’s Choice Network. Pray for us in the day to day challenges that our clients share with us. And rejoice with us and celebrate all that God is doing to reach those most vulnerable.  God bless you!

With a grateful heart,

Amy Scheuring