What an honor to sit down with Vice President Mike Pence yesterday! Hosted by the Susan B. Anthony List, the Life Wins! Tour visited three pregnancy center organizations in the past month. Women’s Choice Network was the third and final stop.The day began with an incredible experience in the Cornerstone Ministries sanctuary featuring a worship band, local speakers, and Master of Ceremonies Michael Geer. Mr. Geer is the President of Pennsylvania Family Institute and was the first President of the WCN Board of Directors back in 1985!

During the rally, the Vice President met with a handful of people for a “round table” discussion. Let by SBA’s President, Marjorie Dannensfelser, the group included WCN staff members Amy Scheuring and Nathalie Pineda, and WCN client Ikea Wellons with her baby Ne-Lyn. Also at the table were Susan Geer, Chuck Donovan (Charlotte Lozier Institute), Paul Mango (HHS) and our good friend Judge Cheryl Allen. Mike Pence has a strong tie with pregnancy centers. Cameras were present for the first few minutes and you can watch here. But the press missed some of the best parts of the conversation. He shared his passion for women who have suffered a past abortion even mentioning that he and his wife often pray for the moms who do not choose life. The powerful impact of Cheryl Allen’s comments caused him to immediate say, “We need the transcript of that statement by the end of the day!”

Following a short intermission, we heard from Kurt Kondrich and his daughter Chloe. Kondrich, his wife, Margie, and son, Nolan, have become advocates for people with Down syndrome, and their work led to “Chloe’s Law,” which requires medical providers in Pennsylvania to give more information about the condition when they deliver that diagnosis to an expectant mother. What a touching moment to see Chloe read her comments and then introduce the Vice President!

The crowd of over 250 then enjoyed a “Fireside Chat”–an informal conversation with Mike Pence and Marjorie Dannensfelser. As you’ll see, Pence is a warm, humble, man of faith who clearly and boldly stands for life and for his faith. His love for Christ was evident as he spoke.

Marjorie Dannensfelser (Center) is joined by Amy Scheuring (left) and Susan Geer.

Thank you so much for your support!It’s because of you that our work has gained national attention.

Let’s continue the work as the “hands and feet of compassion” for those most vulnerable!