I grew up in the city of Pittsburgh and went to middle school in Oakland. When I was in sixth grade, I ended up in a small group at recess listening to a classmate share a troubling story. She had decided to have an abortion the previous summer – at twelve years old. As one friend asked her questions about her experience and what led her to that choice, I remember her saying “I just couldn’t imagine going into middle school a virgin.”

Hearing her story deeply unsettled me, because it made abortion much more complex than a misguided Supreme Court decision. I still believe there are deeper heart issues and cultural forces that we must fight to enable lives to flourish. When I moved back to Pittsburgh after Notre Dame, I wanted to lock arms with an organization that worked to build a culture of life in the city. Women’s Choice Network has continually amazed me at how it cares for its clients through their entire journey. While decision support for abortion is the climax, the support journey starts in schools like mine, extends through STD testing, and continues as moms and dads who choose life navigate parenting. I am so thankful to be serving such a Gospel-centered organization.