As a life long (80 years) Catholic I have always valued life. When my son and his wife had trouble getting pregnant and had several miscarriages, they decided to adopt. It was an answer to my prayers. My son is in the military and at the time they were able adopt a new born in San Diego. The mother was a homeless street person whom an organization in San Diego took in and helped with all prenatal care. This birth mother already had 2 children taken away from her because she was unable to care for them.  Her third pregnancy was aborted. So this group in San Diego talked her into adoption. Emily is now a freshman in college. She is a Pacific Islander and has had to deal with discrimination and has some inherited issues including depression. However her parents are dealing with it along with her and she has become a very smart, vivacious, darling and beautiful woman and we all love her so much. So grateful for her life!