I was 22 years old in the mid 1970’s, just graduated with a degree in Nursing. My first job was in a Labor and Delivery unit in a large hospital in Richmond, Va. Though “personally” against abortion, which had recently became legal, I was not convinced it was an issue to contradict. Within a few weeks of orientation and learning the procedures in the Labor room, I was introduced to the “other “room, just down the hall. To my surprise, I was also to learn how to assist with abortions. Holding a tiny, perfectly formed , but now dead baby in the palm of my hand , my eyes and my heart were opened to reality. In my Catholic faith in God, I felt the need to baptize this little one. By God’s grace, I realized that I could not continue to work as an RN on a unit that celebrated a life for some, while helping to end a life for others. Two months later, I moved back home to Pa to work on a Psychiatric unit.

Forever changed, I gradually became more and more involved in working for and speaking up for LIFE. Becoming a volunteer at the Northside Office of WCN has been a joy and a blessing! As I have told some of the staff there, you are my heroes, you are truly doing God’s work!