I first became interested in Women’s Choice Network five years ago, when I was looking around for a good cause in the community in which our church could become involved. I came across WCN in an online search and thought that it would be the perfect cause for us given the importance that we Orthodox Christians attach to the sanctity of life. After meeting Amy Scheuring, WCN Director, and learning about this life-saving ministry, it didn’t take us long to become involved. For the past four years, we have brought 30-40 parishioners to the annual Fall Fundraising Banquet, filled gift bags for new moms/babies in the spring, sponsored the annual Baby Bottle Campaign in early summer, and collected gift cards during the Christmas season. In addition, we had a group of fifteen parishioners complete the Making Life Disciples Program so that we would be prepared to assist abortion-vulnerable women and men. Our WCN commitment in our church has grown to such an extent that we now have a WCN Committee to more formally dedicate our ongoing support. Several of our members are now volunteers at the centers, and I have recently been elected to the WCN Board of Directors. On a personal note, WCN has offered a way for my fellow parishioners and me to actually do something to help save babies. We are indeed blessed to be able to play a small role in working with a team of people so proactive and selflessly dedicated to doing everything possible to save babies…and they get results!