I gave my virginity away at 17 and fell into the lie that my worth as a man was based on how many girls I had sex with. I was in and out of several relationships over the next couple years, until I met the “one” who I fully expected to spend the rest of my life with. We were college sophomores at the time and decided to move to Arizona and finish school. A year into our relationship she became pregnant, and with little discussion we decided that she needed to get an abortion. Several months later as our relationship deteriorated we moved back to Pa. and went our separate ways. I was a regular user of drugs and alcohol since my high school years, so they now became an even bigger crutch (emotional anesthesia) in my attempts to deny what I had done. Several years and relationships later I put myself in the same situation with a girl I worked with. Once again, following little or no discussion she had an abortion. I thought I was doing the responsible thing by agreeing to pay for it, so in my mind I could just move on.

A couple years later I accepted a position at a School for Emotionally Disturbed Children where a childhood friend was employed. He became a Godsend who ultimately led me in the sinners prayer, invited me to his small group, church, discipled me, and has been a brother in Christ for over 30 years. That I experienced Christ’s forgiveness for all my sins, including the abortions I participated in, was without question. However, to forgive myself is a process that has not always been so easy. Women’s Choice Network continues to be a voice for the unborn, but also provides support through their “After Abortion Care” to the emotional scars many of us still carry today. The staff’s commitment to not only the unborn child and mother, but also to the father, provides the foundation for the family God has designed for all his children to be a part of. I cannot think of an Organization more deserving of the resources God has blessed us with.