Only those services considered “essential” and “life sustaining” are open for business here in Allegheny County. And what better way to describe our work!  For dozens of families, we’ve been a vital partner as they make decisions to “sustain” the lives of their unborn children! During this COVID 19 crisis, Women’s Choice Network has been essential to dozens of families. And  we’re not just surviving, we are thriving! Here are three ways we’ve seen God’s hand at work in the midst of this current “storm”:

  1. We were prepared for virtual appointments. Last summer, we purchased an online curriculum for our Life Support educational program.  One great feature was the ability to text the videos, homework, and devotionals directly to our clients’ phones. Only God knew how vital these products would become as we made an important pivot to virtual Life Support meetings.
  2. We were prepared to see and support more men in the Centers. In November, we hired a full time staff person to lead our men’s ministry. Because of the broad closures of businesses, we’ve encouraged more men to accompany their partner. These men have found support, they’ve been equipped and informed, and they have found that their voice is vital and important. 
  3. We could balance safety with effectiveness. Our medical team was prepared for risk. We easily and immediately put policies into place as they were added by the CDC and other authoritative sources. We could screen and care for people while reducing risk our staff and clients.  

During a time when we would expect for our outcomes to decline, we actually doubled our key numbers in the month of March! While all visits were up in 2020, the numbers of sonograms more than doubled from this time last year. We are seeing more abortion vulnerable people than ever. Uncertainty, anxiety, and economic realities cause pregnant couples to consider abortion. And groups like Planned Parenthood are ready to take advantage of their vulnerability and fear. But our advertising is working, our doors are open, and our staff is able to provide help and hope as we share the truth and comfort of God’s Word. We are changing the story for families facing unplanned pregnancies. 

What is your story? As a partner and investor in this ministry, you have your own “why” story. Why do you serve? Why do you give?  What has God done in your heart that makes you concerned for others? I would love to know more. Would you visit our website, then click “Share Your Story” on the home page. You’ll encourage others to thrive rather than just survive!

God bless you for giving!

Amy Scheuring 

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  1. Peggy Wojcik on April 28, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    I am so impressed with the staff who willingly give of their time and put themselves in a vulnerable position to serve others in need. Thank you for all you do.