May 2018 Letter

Just last month, our North Side Center had a “decorating face lift.” After opening the Center seven years ago, we painted the rooms and replaced many of the furnishings. The Center was transformed into a tranquil, beautiful oasis. Some might ask if this kind of cosmetic change is worth the expense and effort. I think you’ll agree after reading this story from North Side Director Kendall Deemer that the whole project was worth every penny.

Friday afternoon we saw a 22 year old client for a pregnancy test. The tests that she took at home were negative, so when our Nurse, Rebecca, told her the positive results she started crying. She asked if she could have a few minutes alone before talking through anything. She was on the new sofa in the back counseling room, where the new lamp softens the lighting. That is my favorite room now because it’s so comfortable, private, and calming. When I came back a few minutes later, she was wiping tears away with a tissue and apologizing for crying. When I asked her what was going through her head, she spilled out a rush of emotions and questions. What do I even call it? I can’t call it an “it” because it isn’t an “it!” It’s alive and inside me and growing! And its a boy or a girl. Does it have a heart yet? I don’t know what to do. Should I be taking anything? I don’t think I can be a mom right now but I don’t think I can “kill it” either. That’s horrible. No I can’t kill it. I could never get an abortion. Then she took a deep breath and apologized and said “thank you so much for everything” (at this point, I had hardly said a word!). “It’s so comfortable and calm in here. And quiet. Can we just slow down and can you tell me what to do?” She just sank into the couch and relaxed.

Paint and pillows may seem insignificant, but the atmosphere in the room was a huge part of what allowed her to calm down. After a stormy start, this vulnerable client left the appointment very determined to carry her baby to term and made a follow up appointment for an ultrasound and Life Support enrollment. This was the best way to end my week 🙂

Your partnership (along with the hard work from the volunteers who transformed the center!) truly saves little lives and transforms families. Thank you so much for your recent gift and ongoing support.

Bringing Pittsburgh to Life!
Amy Scheuring
PS Look for your Fall Banquet Save the Date card in your mailbox soon!

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