Sammie’s Story – December 2016

The Christmas season gives us unique opportunities to care for clients. Our Toy Drive and local church connections allowed us to share God’s love with Sammie in practical ways that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to her growing family.

Sammie came for her initial appointment and in her words, “I’m telling you straight up I can’t have this baby.” She shared that she already had 2 very young children and couldn’t care for one more. As we continued talking with her, she revealed that she had “made some bad decisions recently which resulted in me getting pregnant”. She became tearful as she poured her heart out to us. We listened and offered emotional support which led us into a spiritual conversation about forgiveness. We shared the gospel. Sammie told us “I do pray, but I know I need to do more.” Before the ultrasound, Sammie informed us that she was still undecided and that she had “a lot going on.” As we started the ultrasound, she was very attentive to the baby images on the screen. She again became tearful. At the end of the scan, she stated “I don’t think I can go through with an abortion. Even though I’ve made some big mistakes recently, it’s not this baby’s fault. I’m going to need a lot of help though. Thank you all for caring so much about me and for all of your help.” After we prayed with her, she told us “There’s a church at the end of my street. I’m going to check it out.”

This Christmas, Sammie will have a fresh tree donated by a local church. And because of her faithful involvement in our Life Support program, under the tree will be presents for all three of her young children.

Your recent gift directly reaches those who need to see Jesus in word and deed. Thank you for giving generously this season!

Amy Scheuring